Club Fangtasia 2013 - The deadliest night in town.

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Club Fangtasia

In 2013, under the roof of Club Fangtasia Australia, we have signed a special contract with the Louisiana Vampire Task Force (LA.V.T.F) allowing us to once again open our doors for a one night only special event on the 3rd November 2013 at 7.30pm. Its funny how diplomatic donations go a long way with the Task Force.

This year we hope to fly some special guests out from Bon Temps but with the LA.V.T.F enforcing imminent domain, we are finding it hard to lock anyone in at this stage. But we are working hard someone is locked in soon for you all.

Drink Responsibly.

The Fang-tails

Fangtasia cocktails are back in 2013! Sip on something tasty in the company of some VERY familiar Shreveport locals. The Tru Blood cocktail list includes such classics as the Tequila Moonrise, The Blood Maker-ita, The Fangbanger, and Death on the Beach.

Become a V.I.P. Guest

This year Club Fangtasia is putting together a massive VIP package for some very lucky guests.

Keep an eye out for a sneaky visit from some VERY familiar Shreveport locals. Find out more details below.

A genuine series 1 signed script.
Genuine signed posters.


Book your tickets now for your chance to win some absolutely Fang-tastic prizes.


Dress up as your favourite creature of the night, and win cash prizes for the best costume.

Win prizes.


Official HBO licensed merchandise is available to buy throughout the night, including some rare t-shirt designs and collectibles that are not available in stores.

We would like to announce some very special guests.

Special Guests

N.B. Unfortunately shit happens, and we can't forsee the future. So, in the event of one of our guests getting attacked by werewolves or being sent on a secret mission for the Authority, we will endeavour to find a replacement Bon Temps resident to hang out with you all!

The Tru Blood auction will include Signed items and Tru Blood memorabilia. In order to bid on an item, you will need to register your details with us in the merchandise stand on the event prior to 10pm.

What do you need to know...?

The auction will take place early in the evening. In order to bid on an item, you will need to register your details with us.

Have an amazing night by becoming a VIP ticket holder.